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About SCS


Mission Statement

Sheldon Christian School prepares God's children for a lifetime of Kingdom service by providing quality God-centered education.

About Us

Sheldon Christian School is a licensed preschool – 8th grade elementary school.

  • The Sheldon Christian School Society operates the school.
  • The parents, grandparents and individuals of the society share a common desire to provide a God-centered education.
  • A Board of Directors elected by the society sets policies and procedures.
  • Educational policies are carried out by an administrator and fully accredited teaching staff.
  • Sheldon Christian School is affiliated with Christian Schools International. CSI is a world wide organization serving over 400 Christian schools. This affiliation offers Sheldon Christian School a broad range of resources to meet the needs of students and staff.

Sheldon Christian School offers a well-rounded integrated curriculum that includes:

  • reading
  • Bible
  • math
  • language arts
  • social studies
  • science
  • fine arts
  • physical education
  • computer instruction
  • wide variety of extracurricular and interscholastic activities

Great care is taken by staff and board to provide an education that meets or exceeds state and federal standards.

Each faculty member is fully licensed in Iowa. In addition to being skilled teachers, they are mature Christians whose Christian love and care sets our education apart.

Our History

Sheldon Christian School opened in 1917 as a private Christian School with the goal of offering a high quality education with a Christian perspective on all of life. Throughout the years, it has provided a God-centered education through a solid curriculum, dedicated faculty, and strong parental involvement. 

  • God-centered education means that every subject is taught from a Christian perspective
  • Sheldon Christian School seeks to open the student’s eyes, hearts, and minds to the beauty and order of God’s creation and the effects of sin on His world.
  • Teachers guide the students to an understanding of how each area of life fits into God’s plan and how important God’s will is in all of life.
  • Sheldon Christian School’s most important goal is in training students to walk as disciples of Christ for life.