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Kingdom Kids Preschool

Sheldon Christian School is proud to present a caring, challenging, and Christ-centered alternative to early learning through our Preschool program.

Our goal is to prepare children for the new challenges as they mature physically, spiritually, socially and intellectually.

Kingdom Kids strives to be sensitive to students’ needs at different stages of development. Within this framework, our broad goals are to:

  • Teach Bible stories so the students come to know the promises of God and respond to Him in faith, obedience, and service.
  • Develop language and listening skills.
  • Provide experiences which help children learn and apply concepts essential for developing more advanced academic skills.
  • Provide opportunities for self-expression through art and music.
  • Improve large and small motor skills in exercises and games.
  • Develop social skills in a nurturing environment.
  • Develop a positive Christian self-image.