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What is SCRIP?

What is SCRIP?
Sheldon Christian School purchases gift certificates from Great Lakes Scrip, a national broker, and from local businesses in bulk amounts at a discount, and then resells those certificates to families at face value. Sixty percent of the ‘profit’ earned is used to reduce tuition costs for the individual families that purchased the certificates, while forty percent is kept by Sheldon Christian School’s general fund. (This is not an auxiliary fund raiser). It is the chance to ‘reduce tuition’ that sparks interest and increases participation in this gift certificate fund-raising program. Let your spending habits work for you at no extra cost! Prepaid orders are processed in Mondays and filled orders are available to pick up Thursday of the same week.

Who can participate?
Whether you are current family, a future family, a grandparent or a Sheldon Christian School supporter, you can participate in this great opportunity to save money! Sheldon Christian School parents receive the immediate benefit from this program while future parents planning to send their child(ren) to Sheldon Christian School can begin building a fund. The future monies earned are held by the SCRIP office and will be credited as a tuition payment when their child is enrolled in Sheldon Christian School. Any interest gained off the money geld by Sheldon Christian School will be kept in the Sheldon Christian School SCRIP Fund. Grandparents, friends and supporters of Sheldon Christian School can direct their credit towards one or up to four families of their choice or they can build up their credit for future use.

Registration Forms
A registration form needs to be filled out by all participants. The disclaimer section is needed only if you allow your child to pick up your certificates. There is yearly $5 registration fee unless you are donating your credit to a particular family or donating all of your ‘profits’ to the general fund. The registration fee will help cover expenses such as postage and a few office supplies. An account number will be assigned to all participants.

Placing your order
Only one envelope per week per account number/family can processed. On your SCRIP order form, circle the increment desired, write in the quantity and bring the total cost to the right-hand side and total your order. Make checks payable to SCS SCRIP and place your check in the manila envelope with the clasp as we hope to reuse the envelope. (Checks are deposited every week.) Enclosing cash is not advised, but is accepted. Incorrect addition totals will be adjusted as necessary.

Please note the bottom left hand column us designated for special write in orders. Great Lakes SCRIP lists a very large number of retailers on their we site ( The SCS SCRIP committee chose to list retailers common to this area, although we can order from any retailer that is listed Great Lakes SCRIP. We have attached the latest listing of these retailers with this packet. Feel free to visit the web site for the most up to date listing of retailers that may not be listed on our order form.

Friends and relative’s orders may be included in your envelope along with you order and your account will be credited. You are thus responsible for the distribution of all certificates. It is your responsibility to inform them how to use the certificates properly, and of any changes and updates that may occur. Another option is to have friends and relatives set up their own account and still have the credit forwarded to you. By doing so, they receive their own newsletter with updates and changes.

Order are processed every Monday, but it is up to your discretion how often you would like to place an order. Keep in mind that the more regular you are with certificate purchases, the more money you earn.

If school is canceled on Monday, orders will be processed on Tuesday; order to pick up will consequently be on the following Friday.

Certificate redemption and Change Policy Sheet
For the most part, certificates can be used just like cash or checks at participating stores. Please refer to each certificate ordered to see if an expiration date has been issued. The certificates for the local businesses will have a six month expiration.

Some certificates are issued as paper certificates and can be used just like cash or check. Some merchants offer debit cards as certificates and are listed appropriately on the order form. Debit cards carry a remaining balance. Suggestion for a partially used debit card--wrap the receipt showing the remaining debit card balance around the debit card for easy reference.

We will post updates and changes the merchants may have in the school’s weekly and monthly newsletter. To ensure this program continues in the future for SCS, you are asked NOT to abuse the use of the certificates. When using paper certificates, make purchase as close to the dollar amount as possible. Remember, participating merchants are doing us a favor by their involvement. Do not expect change back when using any store certificate and monthly accounts can not be paid off with SCRIP money unless noted as such.

Earned Credit
The SCRIP program will hold current family credit earned in between pay-out periods. The pay-out schedule currently is quarterly, with the July pay-out being right before school registration and that credit will be taken off the registration amount due for the next school year. Future family credit will be forwarded in full to their tuition account when their child enrolls in Sheldon Christian School (K-8). If the full SCRIP balance is over the cost of one year’s worth of tuition, a credit balance will be held on you tuition account. All SCRIP members will receive statements listing their current, future, and/or donated credit at each pay-out.

SCRIP will provide updates and changes in the monthly school newsletters. Also included will be a drop off/ pick up schedule. Please refer to this and take note of changes due to no school or holiday schedule.

How do I get started?
When you are ready to place your first order, simply complete and return the registration form along with your first order. Please include the yearly $5 registration fee. Deliver your order to the SCS SCRIP office (room between the kitchen and the 2nd grade classroom on the west wing of the school) at the appropriate time listed.

Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with the details of SCRIP program.