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The Sheldon Christian School Auxiliary is made of moms of students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Together we work to raise funds to help keep the costs of tuition down for families and offer support and encouragement to faculty and staff.

The Auxiliary has 6 officers:  President and Vice-President, Secretary and Vice-Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer. The whole Auxiliary body meets two times a school year and these meetings are led by the officers. 

We do this through 4-5 fundraisers a year. Including:

  • Homemade Pork loin Supper -OPEN HOUSE

  • Sale of food items

  • Other events voted in by the Auxiliary

  • Winter Auction

  • Basketball Tournament

  • Baked Potato Supper

Moms are asked by the Auxiliary officers to serve as Chairwomen and Co-Chairwomen of each of these projects to head them up.  Each person would serve 2 years in a row – the first year as a co-chairwoman (learner) and the next year they would be a chairwoman.  Other moms are assigned as helpers to these events. 

Typically, every mom helps at either the Winter Auction or the Basketball Tournament each year (the following year, the list is flip flopped).  Moms are also asked to provide items for these events and help serve food, set up, clean up, etc.  A list of who is assigned to work which fundraiser is published the first week of school.  Trades can be made between moms to accommodate schedules. Substitute workers ( dads and grandparents or older children) are welcome as well.

We also enjoy providing room parents and helping to celebrate Christian Education Week.  Each classroom has two room parents who volunteer to support and encourage the teacher in each room by coordinating drivers for field trips, planning parties, making a class basket for the Winter Auction, etc.  Christian Education week occurs in April, and we try to make this a special week for our teachers and the whole school by giving thanks for the opportunity we have to help our children learn about God’s world from a Biblical perspective. 

We consider it a joy and a privilege to work so closely with our school to help it run smoothly and effectively.  We give great thanks to God for all the moms, dads and volunteers who give of their time and gifts to help out the Auxiliary and we are so glad to have you join us.

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