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Let your spending habits work for you at no extra cost! When you purchase SCRIP gift certificates, not only can you shop at your favorite stores and restaurants, you can also help reduce the cost of your family’s tuition.


Sheldon Christian School purchases gift certificates from large retailers and local businesses in bulk amounts at a discount, and then resells those certificates to families at face value. Sixty percent of the profits earned are used to reduce tuition costs for the individual families that purchased the certificates, while forty percent is applied to Sheldon Christian School’s general fund.


Whether you are a current family, a future family, a grandparent or a Sheldon Christian School supporter, you can participate in this great opportunity to save tuition dollars!


Sheldon Christian School parents receive the immediate benefit from this program while future parents planning to send their child(ren) to Sheldon Christian School can begin building a fund. The future monies earned are held by the SCRIP office and will be credited as a tuition payment when their child is enrolled in Sheldon Christian School.


Grandparents, friends and supporters of Sheldon Christian School can direct their credit to as many as four families or they can build up their credit for future use.


·      If you cannot find a retailer on the order form, we might still be able to order from them! SCRIP certificates are available from any retailer listed on the Great Lakes         SCRIP website (

·      Make checks payable to SCS SCRIP.

·      Families may make one order each week.

·      Drop off orders in the SCRIP office, located between the kitchen and the 2nd grade classroom on the west wing.

·      Prepaid orders are processed on Mondays and filled orders are available for pick-up on Thursdays.

Scrip Order Form - Front

Scrip Order From - Back


Certificates can be used just like cash or checks at participating stores. Please refer to each certificate ordered to see if an expiration date has been issued.


SCRIP certificates are issued as paper certificates or debit cards. Debit cards can carry a remaining balance. When using paper certificates, please make purchases as close to the dollar amount as possible. Do not expect change back when using any store certificate.  



If you have questions about SCRIP or need assistance placing your first order, please contact Jena Dykstra.

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